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Responding to the growing demand for coffee-in-a-bag, FreshFood, led by The House of Robert Timms, has transformed Australia’s coffee market. The company overcame the challenge of increasing production with outdated equipment while maintaining its unique coffee bag design. Collaborating with Mespic and Esko, they upgraded their packaging process for different retail sizes, resulting in more cost-effective and efficient machine-formed cartons.

The transition to new packaging designs involved tackling challenges like accommodating various carton sizes and implementing an automated divider system for supermarket displays. Mespic played a crucial role in developing a versatile packing system capable of handling multiple carton sizes simultaneously, enhancing production capabilities.

This five-year joint effort by FreshFood, Mespic, and Esko led to a highly flexible and efficient packaging system, retaining the traditional coffee bag style and streamlining operations. This successful partnership has prepared FreshFood for significant growth in the global coffee market, meeting the rising demand for convenient coffee options.


  • Kept unique features of coffee bags, like the string and tag.
  • Switched to machine-formed cartons, saving material costs and streamlining manufacturing.
  • User-friendly and automation-compatible packaging designs.
  • Optimised for supermarket displays and maintained double-facing arrangements.
  • Simultaneous packing of different sizes, scalable for future needs.
  • Smaller packaging footprint due to unique cross-filling approach.
  • Precise gluing and placement in packaging with a two-axis robot.
  • Ready for growth in local and international coffee markets.



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