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ESKO installed a Waldner Dosomat filling and packaging line for a leading Australian Dairy company, revolutionising their yogurt production. This advanced machine efficiently cleans and fills each pot using a precision drip-less nozzle, followed by a secure sealing process. It also includes a critical seal integrity check for each pot, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety.

The machine’s standout feature is its ability to weigh each pot individually, adjusting the fill dosage to minimise waste and maximise accuracy. It is equipped to reject any underweight pots, maintaining consistent quality automatically. Following the filling process, ESKO has integrated a Langguth labelling machine that expertly applies both top and side labels, enhancing the product’s appearance and providing essential information.

Completing the setup, the Mespic AIO (All-In-One) packer, installed by ESKO, efficiently handles multiple packaging tasks within a single compact footprint. This includes forming the box, inserting the product using advanced technology, and sealing it with Nordson hotmelt glue. The installation also includes a Mespic palletising system with two bays, enabling continuous, non-stop production and significantly boosting efficiency and throughput in the yogurt packaging line.


  • Drip-less nozzle for accurate filling; thorough cleaning for hygiene.
  • Ensures airtight sealing for each pot.
  • Individual pot weighing for minimal product giveaway.
  • Automatic rejection of underweight pots.
  • Top and side label application for enhanced presentation.
  • Mespic AIO packer combines boxing, placing, and sealing.
  • Dual-bay Mespic palletising for non-stop operation.
  • Multi-functional machines optimise space and process.
  • Boosts productivity in yogurt packaging.



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