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Thimmonier Doypack Pouch Filling System

Thimmonier design and manufacture filling and sealing machines for their patented DOYPACK® flexible pouch technology. The packaging solution is suitable for a wide range of applications and utilised by leading global food, household and personal care product manufacturers. DOYPACK® flexible pouch technology is available in a variety of formats to suit your product consumption requirements.

For more information submit a sales enquiry or call +61 3 9464 5611.



  • From 2 to 240 pouches per minute.
  • Pouch volume from 50 ml to 5 litres.
  • Pre-made stand up pouches, spouted DOYPACK®, inverted pouch, retortable.
  • Impulse, ultrasonic or heat sealing.
  • Hot filling.
  • Ultra-clean version (ESL).


  • Inverted standup pouch
  • Shaped pouch
  • Shaped stand up pouch with top cap
  • Spouted pouch with cap on corner
  • Spouted pouch with top cap
  • Straight pouch


  • Food & beverages: milk and dairy products, fruit juices and nectars, soups and sauces, edible oils, legumes, rice dishes sterilisable, baby food, olives, pet food, coffee, tea, cheese, sugar, seafood and honey.
  • Chemicals & detergents: concentrated powder or liquid detergents, coolants, distilled water, paint, motor oil, washer and wiper fluid.
  • Cosmetics & pharmaceuticals: liquid soaps, creams, shampoo, sterile water and body oils.

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