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Atlanta Palladio Cartoning Machine

Atlanta’s Palladio Series is a wrap around cartoning machine for products in flexible packs, stand-up pouches, bags, pouches, doypacks and products that need to be upright before being packed. The interchangeable feeding module makes it possible to manage noticeably different sized products on a single line, as well as easy and quick format changeover.

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  • Feeding designed for stand-up pouches and products that arrive lying down on the belt.
  • The interchangeable feeding module speeds up the format changeover in the event of very different sized products.
  • The wrap around unit forms both closed packs and open display packs for top qualityshelf products.
  • The carton picking system with suction cups is designed for flat blanks – even if they are not perfectly flat – with a thickness of 2-5 mm.
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use wrap around packaging machine with raised magazine for rapid blank refilling.
Production speed:up to 15 cartons per minute
Blank thickness:2 to 5 mm
Installed power: 13 kW
Voltage: 400V - 3 Phase / 50 Hz + N + G
Electrical protection:IP54
Compressed air consumption:400 NI at 6 bar
Operating temperature:min +5°C - max +40°C
Relative humidity:max 70%
Total weight: 2,500 kg
Product presence check:feelers + photocells
Machine colour:RAL 7037 (gray)

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