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CT Pack Case Packer

CT’s Case Packer is an integrated system for forming, loading and closing cases. The system consists of a box erector, product handling, and box closing/sealing section. This compact, fully integrated case packer is designed to meet the needs for low to mid capacity case packing, keeping the focus on the quality and on the footprint savings. The case is positively erected, assuring the complete control of the empty carton through the whole case-packing process.

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  • Case Erection: Special positive Handling AC cases erection and phasing
  • Box/Case Top Loading: Standard two-axis robot coupled with a single smart-belt collation system
  • Case Sealing: standard in-line hot melt glue sealing system for double-flap boxes


  • Every moving part conforms to CE standards
  • Service, maintenance and safety system with doors according to CE standards
  • Every polycarbonate surface is FDA approved

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