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ZACMI Telescopic Pocket Filler

The ZACMI Telescopic Filler, with its particular design and choice of specifically developed personalised instruments, is perfect for the filling of a vast range of solid products, such as vegetables, meat, fruit and powder product, in accordance with Customers’ requirements.

Through the specific design and choice of instruments, the Telescopic Filler reaches the highest levels of filling accuracy to meet customer specifications. The Filler can be equipped with the “No can – No fill” device, which allows filling only in the presence of a container.

For more information submit a sales enquiry or call +61 3 9464 5611.


Pocket Filler Vibrating Cone

The vibrating cone version is particularly suited for products that are difficult to fill and cannot be transferred directly from the telescopic pocket to the container.

Here, the product is dosed into adjustable telescopic pockets and transferred into the container with the use of vibrating cones.

Semi Telescopic Filler

In the Semi Telescopic Filler version, the product is directly dosed into the container, where the volume is determined by adjusting the extent to which the semi-telescope is introduced into the container itself.

Semi Telescopic Filler with Vibrating Bushing

This Filler version is equipped with an individual container-lifting system. The containers are then vibrated by a special device, to assist the product’s settlement inside the container.

This is the perfect solution to fill voluminous products that would otherwise be difficult to settle into the container’s volume.

Tamping Advice

A special device integrated into the ZACMI Semi Telescopic Fillers, designed to handle difficult products such as: shredded carrots and celery, peppers, soya beans and mixed vegetables.

Telescopic Powder Filler

This specific Telescopic Filler is designed to dose granular or powder products into rigid containers.

Spice Dispenser

Designed to automatically dose dry spices or small-sized products; it is suitable for micro-dosing, with high accuracy performance. After filling, the container is transferred to the following machine, which is usually a Telescopic Filler.


The Multi-Filler is based on the technology of the Telescopic Pocket Filler, and with its multi stations, is suitable to fill up to 5 separate products into rigid containers.



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