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Catta 27 Icepack Rotary Filling Machines

The Catta 27 ICEPACK rotary machines provides a compact, efficient and flexible ice cream product filling solution. The system is fully customisable offering a wide range of production options to suit customer needs.

For more information submit a sales enquiry or call +61 3 9464 5611.


ICEPACKProductsPieces p/HrRowsAir Cons (Nl/min)Power (kW)Dim (mm)
ROTO S 1ConesUp To 3.00012502.8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO S 2ConesUp To 6.00024002.8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO S 1CupsUp To 3.00012002.8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO S 2CupsUp To 6.00023502.8Approx. 1,1x1,2x1,8
ROTO CLP 1Push-UpUp To 2.00012002.2Approx. 1,1x1,2x,1,8
ROTO CLP 2Push-UpUp To 4.20023502.81,2x1,2x1,8
ROTO M 1Cups / BulksUp To 2.7001800T.B.D.1,3x1,1x1,8
ROTO M 2CupsUp To 5.40021200T.B.D.1,3x1,1x1,8
ROTO B 1BulksUp To 2.70011000T.B.D.1,6x1,4x1,8
ROTO B 2Cups / ConesUp To 6.00021400T.B.D.1,6x1,4x1,8

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