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ZACMI Multi Head Vacuum Sealer

The ZACMI Vacuum Seamer is designed for products sensitive to air, such as corn, peas, meat, fish and also grain products.

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  • Fully automatic oil lubrication designed to operate under vacuum
  • Automatic water draining
  • Drive motor is located outside the vacuum chamber
  • Strong mechanical design with fully stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • No liquid or solid product spillage from cans during high-speed operation
  • Suitable for traditional seaming operation with no vacuum atmosphere
  • Full solid stainless steel construction of the seamer and vacuum chamber


  • Easy access for the operator
  • Special infeed conveyor that reduces wear and maintenance
  • Long-running operation with minimum level of required maintenance
  • High vacuum level in the container
  • Lid-feeder external to the vacuum chamber (European patent)

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