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ZACMI Vacuum Filler

ZACMI Vacuum Filler is the perfect solution to complete filling containers that have been pre-filled with solid product, or to fill product in one shot. The Filler is equipped with a dedicated pump and rotary distribution system that creates a vacuum in the container, after which the container comes into contact with the product distribution tank through special valves. The Vacuum Filler includes “No Can-No Fill” device.

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Vacuum Filler Internal Valve

Suitable to fill liquid and thick products into pre-filled containers, with solid product.


  • No lubrication of the valve operating device
  • Great reduction in maintenance costs
  • Complete air elimination inside the container
  • Accuracy in headspace

Vacuum Filler External Valve

Suitable for filling liquid and thick products containing small or large-sized pieces, without changing valve parts. Recommended for pet food and “ready to eat” products.


  • Easily washable product tank, due to the external valve position
  • No risk of product dripping
  • The machine can be used to fill products from very liquid to meat pate with pieces

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