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Atlanta Raffaello Cartoning Machine

Atlanta’s Rafaello Series is an automatic wrap-around cartoning machine fir sealed cardboard boxes, trays or display boxes for loose products or multipacks.  The compact cartoning machine is particularly suited for production lines requiring a small machine with a speed of up to 15 blanks per minute. The precision with which the box is wrapped around the product to create neat, stackable and environmentally friendly packs is the reason why it is used in multiple industrial sectors:

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  • Compact: quality in less than 4 metres; easy to introduce even in lines that are already up and running and with minimum space.
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is low, with top-of-the-range performance.
  • Multi-layer: precision Pick&Place unit to stack products over several layers.
  • “Inserter” device for additional product protection during handling operations.
  • Raised magazine to facilitate refilling the blanks with a capacity of between 200 and 400 pieces.
  • Safe: the machine architecture is designed to facilitate inspection and speed up maintenance tasks.
Production speed:15 cartons/trays per minute
Blank thickness:2 to 5 mm
Upper flap closure:Internal
Installed power: 13 kW
Voltage: 400V - 3 Phase / 50 Hz + N + G
Electrical protection:IP54
Compressed air consumption:400 NI at 6 bar
Operating temperature:min +5°C - max +40°C
Relative humidity:max 70%
Total weight: 2,500 kg
Product presence check:feelers + photocells
Machine colour:RAL 7037 (gray), RAL 3020 (red)

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