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OMPECO Waste Management System

OMPECO Converter® is designed to treat infectious, medical and urban waste onsite, reducing volume by up to 80%, and weight up to 50%. The finished product, called “Flock”, is a safe, dry, stable, shredded, and odourless material. It is also inert and totally sterilized, achieved by reaching temperatures up to 151 Deg. C, through a process of friction and moist heat without pressure technology. All this is achieved through a fully automatic operating cycle.

The Converter® also allows a reduction in disposal costs and transportation, guaranteed by reducing waste weight and volume, in a safe and controlled environment.

Calculate your return on investment using our Waster Converter ROI Estimator.

For more information submit a sales enquiry or call +61 3 9464 5611.



  • Hospitals & Medical Clinics
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Resorts
  • Cruise Ships & Ferries
  • Construction Sites
  • Military Bases, Ships & Airports
  • Offshore Oil/Gas Platforms
  • Airports & Catering Facilities

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