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EMS Palletising Systems

EMS Palletising Systems are designed according to a modular concept that involves two types of palletisers to implement with interchangeable pick-up heads: one palletiser with a single column structure equipped with a Cartesian system and one with an anthropomorphic robot. The range also includes specific applications by sector.

The various pick-up heads enable management of a wide range of products with full reliability, ensuring pick and place operation precision and integrity of the product being processed. Depending on requirements, the heads can also be equipped with equipment for handling interlayers, pallets and frames.

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  • Single Column (Rotating or Translating) – Up to 7 cycles/minute
  • Robotic – Up to 11 cycles/minute
  • High-Speed Double Strong Steel Frame – 7 to 11 layers/minute
  • High Speed Robotic – 7 to 10 layers/minute


  • Basket: Complete layer pick-up head with motorized central opening system.
  • Curtain: Universal palletizing and depalletizing head complete with motorized layer compacting guides.
  • Magnetic: Magnetic head with automatic quick release grid.
  • Vacuum: Vacuum pick-up head ideal for handling glass jars, loose, bundled and clustered cans and boxes.
  • Universal Side Pickup & Vacuum: Universal vacuum pick-up head complete with lateral electro-pneumatic controlled compaction guides.
  • Tulipes Pickup: Pick-up head with pneumatically controlled tulipes, sized according to the type of bottle to be handled.
  • Bladders Pickup: Inflatable bladders pick-up head sized according to the type of bottle to be handled.
  • Gripper Pickup: Mechanical gripper pick-up head for unpacked containers.
  • Rubberised Lateral Guides: Head complete with rubberized lateral guides and electro-pneumatic controlled opening and closing. Ideal for palletizing plastic crates and kegs.
  • Hooked: Head complete with side pick-up hooks and electro-pneumatic controlled opening and closing. Ideal for palletizing plastic crates.
  • Single & Multiple Side Pickup: Pick-up head with side grippers and electro-pneumatic controlled opening and closing movements.
  • Fork/Chair for Single & Multiple Pickup: Pick-up head for single or multiple rows complete with fork and upper load stabilizer.
  • Fork for Entire Layer: Layer pick-up head with central opening motorized fork complete with layer side stabilizers.
  • Vacuum for PET: Vacuum pick-up head designed to process empty bottles regardless of their format (special bottles). Automatically adjustable.
  • Multi-Purpose Head: Ideal universal head for palletizing particularly unstable formats that require sweep-off operation.


  • Tray Former
  • Stacker
  • Redfox Layer Preparation System
  • Layer Preparation System with Robotised Manipulators
  • Shuttle on Rail




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