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Imball Carton Closer

The Imball Carton Closer CE 51 is an advanced automated system designed to seal boxes of various sizes, delivering impeccable accuracy in positioning the lid flaps during the gluing process. The assurance of this precision stems from the seamless coordination of electronically synchronized upper and lower tuckers, seamlessly closing boxes with three precisely aligned flaps.

Employing servo-assistance throughout its operation, this machine exudes durability, ergonomic design, and robustness, catering to companies seeking superior quality and exceptional production efficiency. The remarkable versatility and outstanding performance of the CE 51 have garnered immense praise, particularly within the Bakery and Ice-Cream industries.

For those seeking larger formats, an XL version of the machine is also available.


  • Robust structure for long-lasting durability and minimal vibrations.
  • Motorized height adjustment for easy modifications.
  • Manual adjustments with handwheels and position indicators for precise control.
  • Antioxidant treatments on mechanical parts for extended lifespan.
  • Transparent protections and safety microswitches on moving parts.
  • Large and easily accessible electrical and pneumatic control panels for maintenance.
  • Latest generation PLC and HMI touch screen for seamless function management.
  • Hot-melt glue system from top brands with 3 pneumatic guns.
  • Interactive user manual for user guidance.

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