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Langguth hotLAN 310 Hotmelt Glue Labellers

The hotLAN 310 is the high-speed machine among Langguth’s labellers. The glue-saving hotmelt technology allows cycle rates of up to 1000 CPM and decorates cans of almost any type all around. Set-up times between 5 and 10 minutes and non-stop operation of the machine contribute to the high availability and efficiency of your production line – important key figures in many factories that produce in several shifts the whole year at top performance. With the addition of code or other control devices and ejection functions, the hotLAN 310 machine not only succeeds in providing attractive labelling, but is also a real checkpoint in your line for quality assurance in your company.

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Base frame:welded in stainless steel
Conveyor:plastic or steel chain
Speed:Variably adjustable
Gradations referred to reference Ø 73 mm:
300CPM, 400CPM, 500CPM, 750CPM, 1000CPM
Infeed:screw, variable speed
Machine length:infeed and discharge length depending on speed levels
500CPM: 0.935m infeed, 0.75m discharge, total 6.0m
750CPM: 1.185m infeed, 1.00m discharge, total 6.5m
1000CPM: 1.435m infeed, 1.25m discharge, total 7.0m
Container Ø:Min. 66 mm, Max. 165 mm
Label height:In gradations up to 120 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm up to max. 235 mm
Label length:Min. 210 mm – Max. 530 mm

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