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Langguth moduLAN 800 Rotary Labellers

The moduLAN machine series comprises the rotary labellers from Langguth. Anything that no longer works on the linear labellers can be done with the moduLAN. There are almost no limits to the shape and size of containers and labels or to the speed.

The different technologies, hotmelt, wet glue and self-adhesive labelling, can be integrated as modules individually, as multiple units or as a combination. Four labelling units are available for this purpose. For varying requirements, Langguth has designed three basic machines that can adopt a different number of container plates. The plate rotation required for the labelling process is either continuous via a central drive or dynamic. In this case, servo motors can control each plate individually. Cameras or special sensors inside the machines make it possible to align the containers without contact. Supplementary marking technologies and control devices can be integrated easily.

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Sizes:690/920/1380 mm
Pitch:120/180 mm
Number of plates:6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18, 24, 36
Drive:Central Drive or Servo each plate
Base frame:Welded stainless steel
Modules1: Glue pallet (wet glue)
2: FVT18 (wet glue, no size parts required)
3: Self adhesive labeller
4: Hot melt device with spin spray process

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