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Langguth Wet Glue Labellers

Langguth designs and manufactures a range of wet glue labellers suitable for a wide range of applications. The labeller processes mainly round containers. The label stacks are inserted upright in the fixed magazine. A movable suctioning bar removes the front label at a time and transfers it to the infeed rolls of the label transport belts.

For more information submit a sales enquiry or call +61 3 9464 5611.


ModelPackagingSystem TypeCapacity
wetLAN 110 (FVT18)RoundLinear labeller400 CPM
wetLAN 110 (Oscillating)RoundLinear labeller120 CPM
wetLAN 110 (FVT20)Round, angularLinear labeller60 CPM
wetLAN 120AngularLinear labeller20 CPM
wetLAN 130ConicalLinear labeller25 CPM
wetLAN 190RoundSemi-automatic25 CPM

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